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From now on all dogs can be put in shape...with hydrotherapy.


…the perfect modern tool available for the physiotherapist.


Watch the pool in action. You will be able to see its full potential, technical specifications, as well as the mechanics and aesthetics of the idrotech 2000. Below you can also view our photo gallery.


The tub is composed of a welded frame in stainless
steel AISI 304/316, plans in stainless steel AISI 304/316,
tempered and laminated glass panels with a thickness
of 20 mm.
The rehabilitation of the patient will be walking
on a motorized treadmill, equipped with anti-slip mat
of newly conception, ie made of melting rubber to
prevent any infiltration of water, put inside the tub
and positioned on a base of PEHD, strengthened thanks
to a frame of reinforcement.
The complete tape can be raised if necessary, with
the help of gas springs, to make an accurate cleaning
of the bottom of the structure.
It is equipped with adjustable feet in stainless steel.


Once the dog and the trainer are
positioned, the tub is gradually filled with water and
the treadmill, on the bottom, slowly begins to move.
A computer controls the operations: filling at height
determined (calculated depending on size of animal),
belt speed, water temperature, duration of treatment.
At the end of session, the water flows slowly, until it is
completely out, the treadmill slows down and stops
smoothly, avoiding stress to the animal.
Water is stored in an antibacterial tank with capacity of
2000 liters, where is preheated; and it can be eliminated
at the end of treatment to guarantee maximum hygiene.
The water can be recycled with a antibacterial optional
filtering system respecting regulations.
The structure of the treadmill is completely tipper,
to facilitate the cleaning of the tub and filters.


At the rehabilitation of “patients” who have
undergone surgery, trauma or are suffering from neurological
or musculoskeletal diseases that cause motory
dysfunction; at the recovery of muscle tone due to lack of
exercise; to the increased in the degree of movement of
joints; at muscle strengthening; to improve proprioception;
coordination and balance as well as cardiorespiratory
functions; at the conservative treatment
of hip dysplasia; to the training of the sporty dog.


IDROTECH 2000 is an integrated system that
combines the virtues of water with the effectiveness
of the movement.
Is the most effective tool currently available
to the physiotherapist.


"Mitsubishi" electronics components,
with full color display, touch screen
and programming software.
Also available "Siemens" PLC.

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